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Smartphone and Obesity - Ⅱ
- Dec 06, 2019 -

In the previous article, we learned about the possible relationship between cell phone overuse and obesity. In today’s article, we are going to explain why.

According to a large number of researches, people will unconsciously eat more while using smartphone. When we use smartphones, our attention to food will be reduced, which will cause us to be unable to pay attention to the type and quantity of food we eat. A paper published in Oxford Academy also indicated that using smartphones or other distractions while eating can lead to more calories intake.

Smartphone And Obesity - Ⅱ

The screen of smartphones will emanate blue light, which will affect the biological clock in our bodies and directly lead to the sleep disorder.

In 2016, a study published in Plus One pointed out that the melatonin production was significantly reduced in subjects who were exposed to blue light emitting devices such as smartphones three hours before bedtime. In addition, their fasting blood glucose levels, ghrelin and glucocorticoid levels were higher, and leptin secretion was reduced. This makes those who are exposed to blue light before going to bed more likely to be hungry during the day, to eat foods with high carbon and water content, to have diabetes and to be obese.

And the time we used to take a walk or exercise with our friends was completely replaced by smartphones. This greatly reduces our calorie consumption.

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