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Should PQQ Be Taken With CoQ10?
- Aug 30, 2021 -

When CoQ10 and PQQ are taken together, the result is even better than taking either one alone. PQQ and coenzyme Q10 are two kinds of synergistic nutrients that regulate cell signaling pathways, remove oxidative free radicals and maintain optimal mitochondrial function.

It has been proven that Coenzyme Q10 is a mitochondrial enhancer by a wide range of research institutes. It helps prevent a variety of cardiovascular and neurological diseases. CoQ10 improves the production of energy in mitochondria and the efficiency of cell respiration.

Pyrroloquinoline quinone ( PQQ) is well known as a compound that affects a variety of cellular pathways, including the production of neurogrowth factors (NGF). Like CoQ10, PQQ has a number of benefits for mitochondrial function. It has been shown to attenuate the mitochondrial oxidative stress response and stimulate mitochondrial synthesis. It also has neuroprotective properties, which is one of the keys to its ability to prevent a variety of neurodegenerative diseases.


If Coenzyme Q10 can increase speed and efficiency, PQQ will help you by promoting mitochondrial growth, which together help your body produce more energy faster. Think of the cellular energy production process as a train. The train is a mitochondria or power device responsible for the process of converting food and oxygen into ATP energy. CoQ10 is like a supercharged device that can speed up a train. PQQ is like a construction company that has been trying to add more carriages to your trains. In short, CoQ10 increases the speed of your energy production train, and PQQ is adding and building additional capacity for your train.

Individually, they are good. Together, they are phenomenal. The combination of these two nutrients has shown clinical benefits for cognitive abilities. They have significant benefits for cellular energy production, heart health and brain health.

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