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Proofs Of Fish Collagen Peptide’s Benefits
- Feb 01, 2021 -

Many human clinical studies have reported the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen on skin properties including enhanced hydration and improved elasticity that decreases visible fine lines and wrinkling.

Ten grams of hydrolyzed collagen daily can increase skin hydration by 28% in 8 weeks and decrease deep wrinkles by 30% in 12 weeks, while as little as 2.5 g daily for 4 weeks can reduce eye wrinkles, and by 8 weeks can increase Type I procollagen by 65%, elastin by 18% and fibrillin by 6%.

Other studies have reported increases up to 78% in dermis density, improved elasticit, and in combination with other nutrients including anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, which is needed for collagen production, improved elasticit, reduced skin dryness and improved skin texture.

Taking hydrolyzed collagen can also thicken hair, improve nail disorders such as brittle nails, may smooth cellulite appearance, prevent Staphylococcus aureus infections in the skin, help with weight loss partly because it is more filling that other types of collagen, reduce muscle loss, enhance wound healing, help balance blood sugar levels, lower LDL (bad) and increase HDL (good) cholestero,increase bone mineral density thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis,and provide anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce osteoarthritis.So although we may eat this ‘beauty protein’ to prevent skin aging, its benefits are much more than skin deep!

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