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Preparation of Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder
- Aug 02, 2019 -

The preparation method:

Method 1: The preparation method of Tribulus terrestris extract powder includes the following steps:

A. Extract the fruits of Tribulus terrestris with 10%~90% ethanol, filter the extract, cool the filtrate and place it for about 10~12 hours to remove the mucus. After high-speed centrifugation, extract the supernatant, recover ethanol, concentrate it into dry extract, dissolve it into solution with water and then pass through macroporous resin column; B. After the upper column, wash it with water until colorless, and then rinse it. The extract of Tribulus terrestris was obtained by washing it with 10%~30% ethanol and then eluting it with 50%~95% ethanol. The eluent was collected and the ethanol was recovered to be alcohol-free.


Method 2: A preparation method of atrophia atrophica extract with Tribulus terrestris saponins as the main component includes the following steps:

1) Take the raw material of Tribulus terrestris, cook it in water for 0.5-2 hours, add vinegar into the water, and bury it for 1-4 hours after cooking, then cool it naturally.

2) Ethyl acetate 5-8 times was added to the soaked raw material, and the extract was extracted for 1-2 hours and filtered to obtain the extract.

3) Take the extract, adjust pH to neutral, concentrate under vacuum, and separate it by polyamide column. The ratio of sample size to polyamide is 1:5.-

1:25, the ratio of diameter to height of resin column is 1:4-1:15. The impurities are eluted with 1-10 times column volume water and 5-10 times column volume 20%-40% ethanol solution respectively, then eluted with 4-12 Times column volume 40%-90% ethanol solution. The eluent of 40%-90% ethanol is collected, and ethanol is recovered under vacuum and concentrated.

4) Adjust pH to 4.0-6.0, extract organic layer 2-6 times with 1-8 times amount of tert-butyl methyl ether in solution, recover tert-butyl methyl ether under vacuum, add 1-3 times amount of silica gel, stir and wipe dry;

5) The stirred silica gel was added to the packed 5-20 times dry silica gel column. The diameter-height ratio of silica gel column was 1:4-1:15. The eluent of 50% ethanol-tert-butyl methyl magnetism was gradiently eluted. The eluent of 50% ethanol-tert-butyl methyl ether (4:6) to (6:4) was collected.

6) The crude product is obtained by recovering the eluent in the eluent under decompression.

7) The product was obtained by adding 5-20 times 50% ethanol solution to dissolve and microwave vacuum drying.

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