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Precautions For Fish Collagen Consumption
- Jan 26, 2021 -

Fish Collagen is a good thing for body,but it's not suitable for everyone,here's some attentions we should take.

1, Pregnant women can not eat. Pregnant women who eat collagen can be bad for the fetus, collagen contains as many as 19 kinds of amino acids, several of them can not absorbed by the fetus in the abdomen, this resulting in the baby's secondary sex characters premature development. It is very unfavorable to the growth of the baby.

2, Under 18 years of age do not need to eat. The collagen in the human body enters the peak period of loss form the age of 25. It is not necessary for the age group under the age of 18 to consume it, because the collagen in the body has not begun to lose yet, and it is not good to make up for it.

3, Patients with breast disease should not eat it. Collagen has a large number of hoofing knot tissue and has the effect of breast enhancement. For friends with breast disease, eating collagen will increase the symptoms of breast hyperplasia, which is not conducive to recovery.

4, People with low kidney function can not eat. People with low renal function need to limit their protein intake. They should eat less foods that contain high protein content, because their kidneys can’t load and decompose. Collagen is a high-protein substance, it is better to eat less or not.

5, People who are allergic to seafood can not eat it. Generally speaking, collagen extracted from fish is of better quality and healthier. It has less fat content than extracted from animals. People who are allergic to seafood should attention that the product you choose is from fish or animals.

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