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PQQ: What Comes From The Star
- Sep 13, 2021 -

It found that PQQ was produced on the surface of minerals by cosmic rays, along with many other molecules that arrived on Earth billions of years ago with comet dust. They encourage compounds containing nitrogen and carbon to produce genetic building blocks, and life may arise from this under the combined action of water and other factors. PQQ’s chemical formula is as follows:


PQQ is a new water-soluble substance, called the fourteenth vitamin. It is also a coenzyme of a reductase, known as Pyrroloquinoline quinone. The yield of natural PQQ is very low, mainly in some microorganisms, plants and animal tissues. It is not only involved in the redox reaction in catalytic organisms, but also has special biological activity and physiological function. It is the world's strongest antioxidant active substance. The speed and intensity of killing tumor cells have reached unprecedented heights. PQQ also makes sense for improving human immunity.

Foods rich in PQQ are not surprisingly high nutritional value of food: natto, parsley, kiwi fruit, etc. What’s more, a small amount of PQQ has also been detected in eggs and skimmed milk. With more and more benefits of PQQ, daily food no longer meet demand, PQQ supplements have also emerged.

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