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PQQ Can Anti-Aging Better For Women
- Sep 15, 2021 -

Aging women is due to cell aging, and the aging of cells is because of aging mitochondria. Phonological mitochondria play an important role in women's resistance to aging. As the most basic unit of a living body, cells constitute our external skin and all internal organs. The energy of the cell comes from the mitochondria scattered in the cell. It can be seen, many of the aging phenomenon and their essence is to start from the mitochondria, delivered to the cells transferred to the skin or organs.

9-15  PQQ Can Anti-Aging Better for Women

So how do you protect mitochondria? There is a magical substance that protects mitochondria, called PQQ, whose full name is pyrroloquinoline quineone. As a redox coenzyme, it is rare and present in some microorganisms, plants and animal tissues. Micro-PQQ can improve the metabolism and growth function of biological tissue, which is extremely valuable.

For women with premature ovarian failure, PQQ increases the number of healthy pre-ovulatory follicles and ovulating oocytes and serum estrogen levels, and reduces the apoptosis of granulosa cells. After using the PQQ, follicle alleviated oxidative damage, DNA damage mitochondria repaired granulosa cells, mitochondrial genes upregulated beneficial. The viability of granulosa cells, the quality of follicles, the quality and quantity of oocytes, and the level of estrogen are improved.

The most women want to delay physiological function of aging, the basic way is to maintain a healthy diet and rest, in addition to moderate exercise and reasonable additional intake such as PQQ supplements.

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