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Obese People Are Susceptible To Cancer, What Should We Do?
- May 26, 2020 -

According to research, there are more than 10 types of cancer-related to obesity. The most common cancers of obese men are prostate cancer, kidney cancer, etc .; women are more prone to colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer. For obese and overweight people, there are many mechanisms and pathways in the body that are easily triggered or inhibited, increasing the chance of developing cancer.

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Of course, obesity is controlled! If you maintain a healthy body weight loss, you can greatly reduce the risk of cancer. Dr. Yamada believes that in the process of weight loss if you pick the right food, it will also have a great effect on fighting cancer. Experiments have shown that people who eat a lot of vegetables have a significant reduction in cancer recurrence rate by 52%, especially eating cruciferous vegetables. Flowering vegetables contain natural compounds (sulforaphane, and indole 3 carbinol powder), which can detoxify carcinogens, increase anti-cancer killer cells in the body, promote cancer cell suicide (apoptosis), and reduce tumor metastasis Risk, that eating regular cruciferous vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer and improve survival.

Common cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, etc. Cauliflower is also known as the king of Cruciferae and is rich in various nutrients. Among them, the rich sulfur-containing phytochemicals such as β-carotene, lutein, and glucosinolate are all antioxidants that are helpful to the body. , With anti-cancer effect. In order to make vegetables a "staple" rather than an ingredient, JMS International Medical recommends a method of cooking vegetables that is simple and far from cancer, ensuring that there are cruciferous vegetables every day!

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