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NMN, A Better Way To Regulate Sleep Mechanism
- Oct 26, 2020 -

According to a survey by WTO, about 27% of people worldwide have sleep problems, while people with various sleep disorders in China account for about 38% of the population. Melatonin improves sleep from the hormone pathway, while NMN regulates sleep from the perspective of the biological clock.

The rotation of the earth brings the rhythm of white night and night, and life on the earth has also adapted to this rhythm. Spirit during the day and sleepiness at night is the rhythm of life.

Long-term abnormal work and rest, diet, light, age, and other factors can interfere with the balance of the biological clock. For example, turning on the light to sleep can disturb the biological clock, which can lead to fattening and short-sightedness in children. Therefore, if you have long-term sleep disorders, poor sleep quality, and other problems, the circadian rhythm is already very serious.

Why can take NMN powder to improve sleep?

NMN promote aging-sleep

In fact, it is still related to the role of NAD+. NAD+ has a greater relationship with the circadian clock. The interaction between NAD+ and the circadian clock is shown in: the metabolism of NAD+ is regulated by the circadian clock, which in turn has an impact on the circadian clock. 

The biological clock affects the rhythm of the entire life. Sleep is only a part of the biological clock. NMN powder also regulates the rhythm of the entire life.

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