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Music and 5 HTP Powder - Ⅲ
- Jul 29, 2019 -

In the last article of “Music and 5 HTP Powder”, we will learn the methods of music therapy.

In general, there are two types of music therapy.

1. Passive music therapy

Passive music therapy focuses on the guiding role of the therapist and emphasizes the environment setting. 

Some therapists combine psychotherapy with music therapy. They first hypnotize the patient, then play the pre-selected music. The patient can freely imagine and will report his feelings. The patient follows the music, and the doctor follows the patient, so that the patient can fully understand himself without knowing it.

Some therapists use music to divert the patient's attention during surgery, and the therapist will give the patient a device with headphones that plays their favorite music.

Music and 5 HTP Powder - Ⅲ

2. Active music therapy.

Active music therapy focuses on patient involvement. In most cases, the therapist and the patient will work together to form a therapeutic band, the therapist and the patient respectively use different instruments, the therapist and the patient are combined one-on-one, or the patient is combined with one or several people in the treatment group. Sometimes, the patient will also sing his favorite song while hitting the piano.

In the process of active participation, the patient is easily satisfied and the emotion is released.

Through these three articles of “Music and 5 HTP Powder”, we learned about the efficacy, history and methods of music therapy. Music is indeed the best gift that nature gives us.

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