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Music and 5 HTP Powder -Ⅰ
- Jul 27, 2019 -

Music is a gift that nature gives to us. As early as 4,000 years ago, Egyptians used music to soothe the body and mind and relieve pain. Music therapy is a way of treating a patient by means of music. 

In general, music therapy has the following effects:

1. Reduce depression

2. Improve language skills and memory

3. Increase sociality

4. Reduce the attack behavior

5. Relieve body pain

These effects are similar in some ways to the effects of 5 HTP powder.

Music and 5 HTP Powder - Ⅰ

According to Melita Belgrave, a professor at Arizona State University, music can directly act on the central nervous system of human brains such as the hypothalamus and limbic systems, and regulates human emotions in both directions.

When people's emotions are tense, it will lead to increased adrenaline secretion, rapid heartbeat breathing, elevated blood pressure, and elevated blood sugar, but easy and soothing music therapy can gradually restore blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate.

Music therapy, as a complementary therapy, can play many roles, but it can't completely replace other treatments, and some patients are simply not suitable for music therapy. This is like the 5 HTP powder. Although it has many benefits, it does not replace professional treatment. And not all people are suitable for 5 HTP powder.

But if you want to try music therapy, you should go to a professional music therapist, maybe your loneliness and anxiety will be cured.

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