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Melatonin Save the Marriage
- Jun 13, 2019 -

According to Australian media reports, about 200,000 Australian couples are divorced due to sleep problems, and the number is still rising. Many couples have to choose “sleep divorce” in order to maintain their marriage. The United States also found that 25% of American couples are sleeping in separate beds. Some experts believe that, in the right circumstances, sleep divorce can better maintain the relationship between husband and wife.

Melatonin Save the Marriage

Despite the benefits and demands of sleep divorce, there are also several drawbacks. Sleeping in separate beds can cause problems in the relationship between husband and wife. Many couples are busy during the day. If they still sleep separately during the night, they really don’t have much time together. Furthermore, in a society where the tools like Facebook and WhatsApp are wide spread, if couples sleep separately, the chances of affair will be high.
So, do we have other choice? The answer is yes. A supplement called melatonin can shorten the waking time before sleep and the time to fall asleep, improve the quality of sleep, reduce the frequency of awakenings during sleep. In addition, the light sleep stage will be shortened, the
deep sleep stage will be prolonged, and you will be more difficult to be awoken the next morning.

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