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Melatonin Powder May Be a Remedy for “Night Owls”
- Jun 18, 2019 -

For the people who suffer from delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS), melatonin powder may be a good remedy.
A lot of DSPS patients describe themselves as “night owls”, because they function best and are most alert during the evening or night hours. But the price is that they will have difficulty to get up in the morning. Many people may confuse it with insomnia. The difference is, the DSPS
patients can sleep well through the night with few or no awakenings once they fall asleep.

Melatonin Powder May Be a Remedy for Night Owls

While roughly 7% to 16% of adolescents have this disorder, the exact cause of DSPS remains unclear. The people with DSPS may experience depression, drowsiness, etc. And these problems may induce to lowered performance and dependency on caffeine, sedatives or alcohol.
Melatonin powder can regulate the body’s internal clock and has been widely used for many sleep disorders, including delayed sleep phase syndrome.
Although you can buy melatonin powder without prescriptions in many drugstores, we still recommend you to ask your doctor for advice.

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