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Melatonin Let You Enjoy the Trip Not the Jet Lag
- Jun 14, 2019 -

A research from Kayak and Airbus showed that jet lag costs businesses of the United Kingdom £241 million a year. Aside from the economic loss, jet lag also make us feel fatigued and confused. However, with the help of certain methods you may overcome jet lag, or at least, ease it.

Melatonin Let You Enjoy the Trip Not the Jet Lag

1. Drink more water 
During the flying, your body will lose at least one pint of water per hour. In order to compensate for this loss, you should drink at least that much water when you are in the air.
2. Adapt to the new time zone in advance
Some frequent-flyer will choose to adjust their time beforehand. They will change the time on their phone and watch when they get on the plane, and do what the people in the new time zone will do. For example, if the new time zone is daytime, they will stay awake, no matter how sleepy they feel, and vice versa.
3. Melatonin
Some of you may have heard of taking melatonin to help treat jet lag. This remedy has been widely studied and accepted. According the latest study, melatonin aids sleep during times when you wouldn’t normally be resting. This function make melatonin perfect for the people who suffer from jet lag.
4. Exercise and bath
If possible, do some physical exercise after arriving at the hotel and then take a bath. Exercise can help you stay awake and a hot water bath can make you feel refreshed.

There are definitely other ways to deal with jet lag, but try the methods mentioned above, you will absolutely feel better and do great on your business trip.

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