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L-Theanine Powder and Karoshi
- Jun 29, 2019 -

L-theanine powder is better for the people who work overtime. Coffee and energy drink may increase the risk in heart disease.

According to the report from UN labour agency, stress, overtime, disease have caused the deaths of 2.8 million workers every year. Japan is famous of many things, overwork is one of these things. They have word called “karoshi”, which means “death by overwork”. According to government survey data released in 2016, nearly 25% of Japanese companies require employees to work over 80 hours per month. That much work time puts a lot of demands on energy, it is not uncommon that people drink coffee or energy drink during the overtime. In a short time, they can boost the  energy level, but in the long run it is very unhealthy.

L-Theanine Powder and Karoshi

We have a few tips which may reduce the stress at work:

1. Work in 90 -minute sessions. Divide your work time into 90 -minute units . After 90 minutes, get up for a cup of green tea, do some mini-exercise, etc.

2. When you leave work, leave work. Don’t answer your work email or message after a certain time limit, set boundaries. Give yourself a real rest.

3. Take a short nap. A daily napping can reduce the incidence of heart disease by 37%.

4. Drink green tea instead of coffee or energy drink. Green tea contains l-theanine, which enhance your energy level without the side effects from coffee or energy drink. If you don’t like drink green tea, you can also try l-theanine powder. 

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