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Is Tart Cherry Juice Bad For Your Kidneys?
- Jun 12, 2021 -

Nephropathy is generally a kidney disease caused by kidney damage or decreased renal function. The clinical manifestations include nephritis, acute renal failure, kidney stones, renal cysts, and other symptoms. The kidney is the main organ that maintains the blood potassium concentration and balance in the body. In patients with kidney disease, when the renal function is insufficient, and the glomerular filtration rate decreases (the filtration rate is less than 10 ml per minute), the normal level of blood potassium cannot be maintained. In addition, the kidneys of patients with nephropathy are particularly sensitive to the intake of potassium. If the intake of potassium is suddenly increased during the oliguria period, it can cause hyperkalemia and cause death. Generally, the daily intake of potassium in patients with hyperkalemia and oliguria should be particularly low. You must pay attention to the potassium content in food when eating fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, and vegetable juices. Patients with hyperkalemia and oliguria should pay special attention to their eating habits. It is recommended not to eat fruits and foods with high potassium content such as tart cherry and bananas.

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Based on the above, it is not difficult to see that when patients with kidney disease eat too much tart cherry powder, the kidneys cannot maintain the normal balance of blood potassium, which can easily lead to hyperkalemia. The biggest disadvantage and harm of excessive consumption of cherries is that the body's excessive intake of potassium leads to hyperkalemia when the blood potassium concentration is higher than 5.5mmol/L, ranging from muscle weakness, paralysis, and decreased myocardial contractility, to severe heart rhythm. Disorders, more serious, can lead to cardiac arrest. Therefore, for patients with kidney disease, fasting high potassium foods such as tart cherry powder is the best choice.

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