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Is Melatonin Addictive?
- Sep 10, 2021 -

    The existing studies show that melatonin has good safety. Unlike some prescription sleeping pills, melatonin powder does not show the potential for addiction. Taking melatonin doesn't have drug dependence and people naturally secrete melatonin to promote sleep when they fall asleep. Therefore, melatonin is not a drug essentially, but a nutritional supplement.

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      Melatonin is an amine secreted by the pineal glyphosate of mammals and can improve sleep clinically. It can significantly shorten the time before the patient goes to sleep while improving the quality of sleep, reducing the number of times the patient wakes up in sleep so that the patient's sleep depth is deepened. So it has a strong ability to adjust jet lag, but it is not recommended to take too much melatonin, which will reduce the body's natural production of melatonin and make it dependent on getting melatonin from supplements rather than making it yourself.

Long-term high doses of melatonin may cause a decrease in receptor sensitivity, so it is not recommended to abuse, should try to adjust the biological clock, after all, the brain itself has this function, the ultimate goal is to get the body back to normal operation.

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