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Is It Illegal To Take Melatonin?
- May 08, 2021 -

Melatonin is usually sold in health food stores in the form of capsules or tablets. It is mainly used to adjust jet lag and treat other sleep disorders and sometimes as a panacea with various effects such as anti-aging and anti-cancer.

At present, a few countries and regions, such as the United States, China Hong Kong, etc., take melatonin as healthy food and have approved related products. In order to guarantee product quality and safety, the recommended daily consumption in China Hong Kong is 1-3 mg, and the health function is limited to improving sleep while in the United States, the recommended daily dosage range is 0.25-10 mg.

Is it illegal to take Melatonin powder

Meanwhile, in Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Ireland, most countries (regions) are cautious about the use of melatonin. It is strictly controlled as a prescription drug and cannot be freely sold in pharmacies. However, exogenous melatonin powder or supplement is not prohibited. As a prescription drug, melatonin is approved for the short-term treatment of primary insomnia in adults over 55 years of age in the United Kingdom and Australia. And in the UK, it is also approved for the treatment of certain sleep disorders in children with neurological disorders; doses of 2 to 10 mg are allowed but need to be reviewed every 6 months for continued use.

In any case, please contact your local health department before purchasing melatonin to ensure that you take the correct dose to achieve your own sleep improvement effect.

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