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Is Dark Chocolate Really a Health Food? - Ⅱ
- Dec 11, 2019 -

A media recently published an article questioning the claims of dark chocolate as a health food. In the article, the reporter reviewed about 100 research reports suggesting that eating foods rich in cocoa and chocolate is good for health. It was found that these research reports were sponsored by Mars, one of the world's largest food producers, and its brands include Dove.

The article quotes Paulette Goddard, a professor of nutrition research and public health at New York University. The professor said Mars and many similar companies have targeted investment in scientific research to make their products look more like a healthy food than a snack.

Is Dark Chocolate Really a Health Food - Ⅱ

Parents would have blamed their children for eating too much sugar. But now, when dark chocolate is repackaged as a food to prevent serious health problems, that could change.

The reporter tracked the history of Mars Corporation since 1982. At that time, Mars Corporation established a scientific research center after launching chocolate brands such as M&M to study the health sciences related to cocoa. Part of the purpose of the research centre is to detect and disseminate the benefits of cocoa. Mars has supported 140 scientific studies demonstrating the health benefits of flavanols contained in cocoa since 2005.

So we must be careful to distinguish these studies and not to hear all reports that exaggerate the health benefits of dark chocolate. Of course, if you just see dark chocolate as a snack and eat it in small amounts, there is no problem.

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