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Instant BCAA Powders From Foods
- Jun 21, 2019 -

Many people have heard about the benefits of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and want to try those BCAAs products like instant BCAA Powders on the market. But many of them may fail to notice the fact that we can also get the ingredients of instant BCAA Powders from many foods. They are, for example, beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, whey, salmon, tuna, etc.

Instant BCAA Powders From Foods

If possible, you should get BCAAs from complete sources, because they contain all the essential amino acids and more beneficial.

For the normal people, if they eat as we recommended, it will be easy to meet the BCAAs requirement. If you are professional athlete or do a lot of physical activities, you should seek out for some extra BCAAs intake, such as instant BCAA powders.

Serving SizeBCAAs
Beef, round
100 grams 
6.8 grams
Chicken breast100 grams5.88 grams
Whey protein powder1 scoop5.5 grams
Soy protein powder1 scoop5.5 grams
Canned tuna100 grams5.2 grams
Salmon100 grams4.9 grams
Turkey breast100 grams4.6 grams
Eggs2 eggs3.28 grams
Parmesan cheese50 grams4.5 grams
1% milk235 ml2.2 grams
Greek yogurt140 grams2 grams

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