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Instant BCAA Powders and Muscle Wasting
- Jun 20, 2019 -

Instant BCAA powders can help prevent muscle wasting or breakdown.
The lack of exercise in modern people is a common phenomenon. Many people spend the day like this: wake up from bed to sofa, sit in the car while traveling, sit in the office when they go to work, go back to the sofa after going home, Watching TV, computers and mobile phones, and
finally back to bed. This sedentary lifestyle has contributed to metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as another chronic degenerative disease known as Sarcopenia.

Instant BCAA Powders and Muscle Wasting

Muscle reduction, also known as muscle aging, is a pathological condition in which muscles gradually shrink, volume decreases, and muscle strength declines. Reduced muscle mass is usually a gradual process. For most people, muscle degeneration begins at 30-40 years of age and
will decrease at a rate of 8% per decade, and by the age of 70, muscle volume will decrease to half the peak.
The best way to fight sarcopenia is to train your muscle regularly and take enough nutrients. Among them are BCAAs. Instant BCAA powders comprise 40% of total amino acids required by your body. And amino acids are the building block of muscle protein.

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