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Insomnia and Melatonin Powder
- Jun 18, 2019 -

Melatonin powder could help people sleep better.
In the stressful modern society, many people have insomnia. The symptoms of insomnia could be:
1. Difficulty drifting off
2. Waking up during the sleep and having trouble going back to sleep
3. Waking up early in the next morning
4. Feeling fatigue upon waking

Insomnia and Melatonin Powder

Depending on the cause, insomnia could be classified into primary and secondary. The primary insomnia means that your sleep problems are not directly associated with any other health condition or problem. The secondary insomnia means that your sleep problems are caused by
something else, such as asthma, depression, pain, alcohol, etc.
Mild condition normally can be cured or prevented by practicing good sleep habits:
1. Go to bed and get up regularly.
2. Avoid smart phone, tablet, etc. before bed.
3. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, etc. late in the day.
4. Exercise regularly. But don’t do it close to bedtime.
5. Don’t eat too much late in the day.
6. Make your bedroom comfortable.
If you swear by pills, you can also try melatonin powder, it could help you regulate your body’s internal clock and make you sleep better.
Although melatonin powder is sold over-the-counter, but you should ask your doctor before using.

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