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Indole 3 Carbinol Powder and Rutabaga
- Sep 03, 2019 -

Rutabaga was first recorded by Gaspard Bauhin in 1620. According to Bahin’s description they grew in the wild in Sweden. They are generally believed to have originated in Scandinavia or Russia. Eating Rutabaga can provide you I3C, which you can also get from indole 3 carbinol powder. Furthermore, rutabaga can also bring you many other health benefits.

Blood pressure is crucial to our heath. The unstable blood pressure can do a lot of damage to the heart and nerves. Eating more vegetables such as rutabaga can keep your blood pressure in check

Rutabaga can prevent clogging and keep the low-density lipoprotein under control. Furthermore, the potassium in rutabaga has effect on muscle relaxation. A relaxed muscle can help reduce the contraction of vessels.

Indole 3 Carbinol Powder and Rutabaga

Rutabaga can also support the health of your skeletal structure. It contains vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. These elements are all very important to our bones. 

The digestive system is vital to the whole body. Every part of our bodies need nutrients. These nutrients absorbed and transferred by the digestive system. If the digestive system is ill or don’t function well, the whole body will be affected. Rutabaga is rich in fiber. High fiber intake is very beneficial to the digestive system.

The sulfur-based compounds in rutabaga have anti-cancer effect. Like many other cruciferous vegetables, rutabaga contains glucosinolates. They can be transformed to I3C, which you can also get from indole 3 carbinol powder. According many researches, I3C may lower the risk of many cancers and has anti-cancer properties.  

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