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Indole 3 Carbinol Powder and Carcinogenic Factors - Ⅵ
- Sep 12, 2019 -

In this article of “Indole 3 Carbinol Powder and Carcinogenic Factors” we will discuss the effects of genes on cancer. Since it is a big subject, it will be divided into two parts.

Fundamentally, the occurrence of various cancers is related to genes. Cancer is a genetic disorder of cells and is a genetic disease. The basic feature of normal cells becoming cancer cells is that cell growth is out of control. Cell growth is genetically controlled, and if the gene goes wrong, it can lead to cancer. 

Indole 3 Carbinol Powder and Carcinogenic Factors - Ⅵ

Through more than 10 years of genetic research, humans have discovered that the appearance of some tumors is related to certain specific gene mutations. In May 2013, well-known Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been exposed to preventive bilateral mastectomy. The reason for the operation is because the family inherits the cancer susceptibility gene BRCA1, and the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer is extremely high.  

Why did the normal cells "debate", get out of the body control, and turn their heads to attack the body itself? For cell growth, the body has a well-established mechanism to control it. Gene regulation of cell growth is like driving a car. The "fueling gene" is responsible for maintaining growth and keeping the body's cells constantly updated. For example, the body produces tens of billions of white blood cells every day, responsible for ensuring that the immune system functions properly.

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