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Indole 3 Carbinol Powder and Carcinogenic Factors - Ⅳ
- Sep 11, 2019 -

Do you know that a health mental state may help us fight cancer like the indole 3 carbinol powder.

Medical research shows that psychosocial factors are important factors in determining human health. Medical psychologists point out that people with stable family, happy marriage, harmonious interpersonal relationships, and reliable relatives and friends have a significantly lower prevalence than those who live alone or have psychological stress. About 50% of human diseases are related to lifestyle and behavioral patterns, while lifestyle and behavioral patterns are related to psychological factors, and sometimes psychological factors even play a leading role. In the prevention and treatment of cancer, a healthy state of mind is also important.

Indole 3 Carbinol Powder and Carcinogenic Factors - Ⅳ

A researcher has conducted a retrospective survey of the causes of uterine cancer in 250 women. The results show that 156 people have experienced major unfortunate incidents. In 1977, German doctor Gromer investigated a large number of cancer patients and found that they had experienced long-term depression in the past. In 1980, 50 experts from the Oncology Department of Bethune Medical University and 50 patients who were living in the Department of Internal Medicine were retrospectively surveyed to see if they had experienced major trauma since the age of 8 years. The results showed that 37 people (74%) in the tumor group had experienced trauma, while only 15 (30%) in the internal medicine group had experienced trauma. These studies have shown that trauma is closely related to the pathogenesis of malignant tumors.

Indole 3 carbinol powder can supplement us I3C. I3C is a compound that lower the risk of many types of cancer.

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