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Increase Brain Powder—α-GPC
- Jun 04, 2019 -

Glycerophosphatidylcholine can be called "transporter" of choline and hot "pioneer" of phosphate choline. It has the potential ability to prevent and treat various biochemical diseases. It has been found that neurodegenerative syndrome has a unique role in reducing body tension and altering the structure of phosphatide lipids in neuronal membranes. The chemical structure (containing 40.5% choline) and the interrelated physicochemical properties of Alfoserrat choline ensure that it becomes a very beneficial substance for brain tissue and can protect brain metabolism at any time.

The results of pre-clinical pharmacological experiments and clinical studies have confirmed that Alfred Serrath Choline is beneficial to the cognitive and memory functions of the brain, especially for the emotional and behavioral disorders caused by brain degeneration diseases.


In a 12 weeks randomized comparative study of the efficacy of the same dose of glycerophosphatidylcholine and oxiracetam in 55 to 65 years male patients with organic brain syndrome, it was shown that they were well tolerated and no patients stopped treatment due to adverse reactions. Oxiracetam has a quick effect in maintenance therapy, but it will decline to some extent with the discontinuation of treatment. Glycerophosphatidylcholine has a slow effect, but the effect is more lasting. The clinical effect after discontinuation of treatment for 8 weeks is consistent with that during 8 weeks. From the clinical efficacy of many years abroad, glycerophosphatidylcholine has a good effect in the treatment of craniocerebral injury and senile dementia, with little side effects.

Therefore, the marketing of glycerophosphatidylcholine preparations, which represent the pioneers of acetylcholine and phospholipid neuromembrane drugs, will have a good prospect for market.

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