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Important Nutrients—Tryptophan Powder
- Jun 28, 2019 -

Tryptophan powder, beta-indole-alanine, white or yellowish crystalline or crystalline powder; odorless, slightly bitter. Tryptophan powder is an important precursor of auxin biosynthesis in plants. Its structure is similar to IAA and is ubiquitous in higher plants.


This product is an important nutrient. It can participate in the renewal of plasma proteins in animals, and promote the role of riboflavin. It can also contribute to the synthesis of nicotinic acid and heme. It can significantly increase antibodies in pregnant animals, and promote lactation in lactating cows and sows. When livestock and poultry lack Tryptophan powder, growth stagnates, body weight drops, fat accumulation decreases, and testicular atrophy occurs in breeding males. It is used in medicine as a preventive and therapeutic agent for psoriasis.

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