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Hyaluronic Acid Is Beneficial to Smokers
- Jul 02, 2019 -

Skincare product containing hyaluronic acid can benefit the smoker.

Smoking is a habit for many people. Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, but they don't know that some changes will happen to our skin, which will directly affect your appearance.

1. Smoking can prevent the body's absorption of vitamins. Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect and can inhibit the production of oxygen free radicals. If it is smoked for a long time, a large amount of garbage will accumulate in the human body, causing human cells to be invaded.

Hyaluronic Acid Is Beneficial to Smokers

2. The smoke contains acetone, a toxic substance that dissolves the oil, makes the skin dry and allergic, and has a certain stimulating effect on the skin. Long-term smoking can cause skin aging and dullness.

3. The dust particles of cigarettes will stay in the sebum layer, forming a thin layer that is toxic and not easy to penetrate, making the skin prone to acne or inflammation. As the blood circulation of the skin becomes worse, the skin of the face becomes pale, tired, dry and loses elasticity.

Smokers should eat more foods rich in vitamin C, pay attention to clean the skin. In addition, hydrating and moisturizing, use some skin care products containing hyaluronic acid.

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