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How To Take BHB Calcium Salt?
- Sep 16, 2020 -

BHB salt, as a common and important way to obtain exogenous ketones, is a highly effective supplement that is easier to buy, eat, and digest. There are various exogenous BHB salts on the market. This article will tell you how to consume them to enter the state of ketosis and provide energy for the body.

The charm of BHB salt is that you can add them to snacks and drinks, or you can consume them on their own.

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Here are some examples of keto drinks that can be added to them:

* Dilute it heavily in water to retain moisture and increase ketone levels.

* Add your BHB salt to a keto milkshake, such as Keto Tropical milkshake or blueberry banana bread * milkshake.

* Keto-resistant coffee. Caffeine + BHB + fat = one of the fastest cures for ketosis.

* Keto-resistant green tea. Don't like coffee? Mix your BHB salt into green tea.

* To increase the absorption capacity of ketones, mix your BHB salt and MCT oil powder into any of these ketone drinks.

Or, you can add them to keto snacks:

* Fat bomb. Try to add them to one of the fat bombs in our fat bomb guide.

* Keto Mocha mousse and tropical chocolate mousse bites can be a delicious way to add some BHB to your diet.

* Add the appropriate flavored ketone supplement to one of our keto popsicle recipes and you will be feasted: berry bombs, cinnamon roll pudding, or raspberry lemon popsicles.

People here often ask whether to take BHB with meals? 

In fact, it depends on personal preference. Whenever it is consumed, the BHB Calcium in the supplement will be digested and used by the cells.

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