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How to Play Better in Back-to-Back Games - Instant BCAA Powders
- Jun 27, 2019 -

Instant BCAA powders may help NBA player perform better in away games and back-to-back games.

It is well known that the schedule of the NBA is quite tight. Each team has to finish 82 games in less than six months. This is a considerable test for the physical strength and will of the players. Away games and back-to-back games are especially stressful. 

How to Play Better in Back-to-Back Games – Instant BCAA Powders

In order to understand how tired the away game and back-to-back are, I have to mention the  seven consecutive away games of the Warriors. Imagine that you will have a business trip. According to schedule, you have to run 7 cities in this half a month. During this time, you will stay at the hotel every day and finish the tasks your boss give to you. You know how tired this is.

The seven consecutive away games also included two back-to-back games. It was over 0 in the middle of the night when the game was over. After the game, they had to take the plane to Milwaukee. When they arrived at the hotel, it was 3 o'clock in the morning. And the next game was waiting for them on the same day. With such a tight schedule, fatigue will definitely affect their performance in the next game.

Instant BCAA powders may reduce the fatigue caused by intensive sports and let the players perform better in games over 2 consecutive days.

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