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How to Ingest Glutamine Powder-Ⅲ
- Aug 20, 2019 -

How to ingest glutamine powder-Ⅲ

Intake of glutamine powder for disease and wound recovery

Understand how glutamine powder can help recover from illness. In addition to fitness, glutamine powder supplements can also be used to combat symptoms of some diseases and help the body recover from injuries.

1. After chemotherapy or radiotherapy, glutamine powder can alleviate diarrhea, swelling of the mouth and joints, muscle and nerve pain and other symptoms. It also helps patients recover after bone marrow transplantation.

2. It is also beneficial to HIV or AIDS patients, helping them prevent weight loss and intestinal problems. glutamine powder helps the intestine absorb nutrients from food better, thus gaining weight.

glutamine powder can reduce the time required for recovery from injury, illness, trauma, burn and surgery.

3. It also strengthens the immune system, making people less susceptible to secondary infections during rehabilitation.

4. The current research direction is whether glutamine powder supplementation can alleviate irritable bowel syndrome and other bowel symptoms.

Consult your doctor about dosage. Whether it's for treating diseases and wounds or for fitness, the intake of glutamine powder supplements is the same.

1. But the dosage varies according to the condition.

2. Therefore, you must consult a doctor before you begin taking glutamine powder. She or he can tell you whether the treatment is suitable for you and suggest the dosage you need.



1. Glutamine powder is common in muscles and lungs. glutamine powder is produced in the lungs.

2. Keep in mind that most people do not need to take glutamine powder, because the source of diet and the glutamine powder produced by the human body itself are sufficient and do not need to take supplements.

3. Potential benefits of glutamine powder include protecting intestinal membranes, enhancing the immune system to promote faster and healthier wound healing and disease recovery, and reducing cancer risk.

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