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How to Ingest Glutamine Powder-Ⅱ
- Aug 19, 2019 -

How to ingest glutamine powder

You should take glutamine powder three times a day.

1. The best time to eat is in the morning, after exercise and before bed. Because the muscles don't take in nutrients all night, it's especially suitable to get up in the morning when taking glutamine powder. glutamine powder intake after exercise can help muscle recovery. Taking it before going to bed can increase the growth hormone in the body and make the muscles grow bigger and faster.

2. You should take glutamine powder on an empty stomach because it is sensitive to stomach acid. If you take it with food, it will not produce the same effect.


Take glutamine powder alone or in combination with cold or room temperature liquids. Glutamine on the market can be divided into pill, liquid and powder.

1. Glutamine powder pills can be taken alone or in combination. Glutamine powder or drinking agent can be mixed into low acid water or fruit juice.

2. You can also add glutamine powder and drinking agent to protein shake, just make sure it's low-fat shake. Excessive fat can prevent the body from absorbing glutamine powder.

3. Do not mix glutamine powder with hot liquids or food, or take it with them, because high temperatures can destroy amino acids. glutamine powder can only be taken with cold or room temperature liquids.

Glutamine powder synthesized by the body is naturally increased. Although you still need supplements during intense exercise, you can also increase your body's self-synthesizing glutamine powder through diet.

1. Animal sources of glutamine powder include beef, pork, chicken, turkey, yogurt, skimmed lactic acid cheese and whey cheese.

2. The plant sources of glutamine powder include raw spinach, parsley and red cabbage.

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