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How To Get A Better Performance Of Creatine Mono
- May 06, 2022 -

Creatine is used every three months as a cycle, the first 7 days are the shock period, 20 grams per day, and 5 grams each after getting up in the morning, before training, after training and before going to bed.

After 7 days, enter the maintenance period, use 5 grams before and after training, use it continuously for 10 weeks, then rest for 2 weeks, that is, enter the metabolic period, and then repeat from the beginning.

Drink plenty of water while using creatine so that it can function better. Creatine does not conflict with other supplements and can be mixed together.

Creatine Mono 200 mesh powder

Note, however, that creatine cannot be mixed with coffee, hot water, or orange juice.

Does using creatine necessarily make muscles bigger? (This question must be concerned by users) Creatine is a reliable sports supplement, but it will not work miracles, because there are many factors in the muscle building effect, your training, nutrition, recovery, and even genetics, etc. will affect.

The effect of creatine is not so immediate, it is a supplement that needs to be used for a long time to see the effect.

It's not like having a cup of coffee when you're sleepy and instantly refreshed. It takes time for the effects of creatine to show up, and you may have that wonderful moment of "suddenly feeling really strong" after using it for a while.

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