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How to Drink Green Tea in a Better Way
- Jun 10, 2019 -

Many people have the habit of drinking green tea. But most people don’t know that they can drink green tea in a different and better way. As we know, green tea originated in China. In its homeland, drinking green tea and tea ceremony go hand in hand.

How to Drink Green Tea in a Better Way

The tea ceremony consists of thirteen processes:
1. Wash hands and admire the tea equipment.
2. Wash the tea equipment with warm water.
3. Put green tea into the teapot.
4. Pour boiling water into the pot, let the water and green tea contact properly, and then pour
out quickly.
5. Pour the boiling water into the pot again. Don't fill the pot at one time. In the process of
pouring, the spout "nods" three times to show respect to the guests.
6. Water should be higher than the mouth of the pot. Use the lid to remove the green tea
crumbs floating on the pot so that the guests will not drink the green tea crumbs.
7. Cover the pot and preserve the fragrance of the green tea in the pot.
8. Divide the tea cups for the guests.
9. Pour the green tea into a public cup.
10. Pour green tea from a public cup into the guests' cups.
11. Hand the cup to the guest.
12. The guests sniff at the fragrance of green tea in the cup.
13. The guests drink the green tea in the cup.

With the tea ceremony you can not only benefit from the active ingredients (polyphenol, l-theanine, alkylamine, phytochemical, tannin) of green tea, but also enjoy the green tea culture.

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