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How to Choose Fitness Nutrition Supplement Suitable for Yourself-Ⅰ
- Aug 23, 2019 -

There are too many fitness supplements and related products on the market, to know the choice, we must understand the relevant vocabulary. After reading this article, you can become an expert in fitness supplements.


A protein isolation product extracts pure protein from its source by chemical methods. Most of the isolated protein products contain more than 90% protein.


The protein purity of concentrated products is about 70-85% lower than that of separated products. In addition, concentrated protein products contain more fat, carbohydrates and lactose.


Mixtures of different types and purities of protein are mixed, and the price is lower than that of protein isolates, so they attract many fitness people to buy.


Amino acid

Amino acid is the basic material of protein. There are more than 100 different amino acids in the natural world, of which only 20 are considered standard and divided into essential and non-essential amino acids. The human body can not produce essential amino acids, it must be ingested by food. Non-essential amino acids can be produced through the human body.

Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)

It is the main component of amino acids in skeletal muscle. When exercising, muscles should use liver sugar and fat as the main source of calories, but not when, such as long-term oxygen drive, muscles take their own BCAAs as calories, because the energy supply from liver sugar and fat is insufficient. When the concentration of BCAA in blood is sufficient, muscles will not eat their own meat knife, so supplementation of BCAA has the function of "preventing" muscle wasting.

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