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How Much To Eat Creatine Mono?
- Apr 26, 2022 -

How much to eat creatine mono?

The average fitness group consumes 5 grams of pure creatine per day, and it is supplemented after exercise. High-intensity training people are best able to supplement 10 grams a day, before and after training. Pure creatine supplementation is not recommended for people who do not exercise without the guidance of a doctor.

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Are there shock, maintenance, and metabolic periods?

Yes. It takes time for the effect of creatine to develop. It is not Popeye's spinach. It will be extremely powerful as soon as you eat it. Let's look at these three stages:

Shock period: The body needs a reserve period for the absorption and utilization of creatine. Generally, it takes 7 days to supplement the body with large doses of creatine to quickly store it.

Maintenance period: After the impact period, reduce the dosage to improve training ability and help muscles recover. This period takes a long time.

Metabolic period: The more creatine in the body, the better. Too much creatine will not only put pressure on the body, but you will find that the effect of creatine is gone, so it takes a metabolic cycle to make creatine better Play a role.

Are there any side effects?

There are also cases of overdose creatine eating dead people, but as long as you don't overdose and don't use creatine for a long time, there will be no problem. However, excessive use of creatine may trigger high muscle cramps.

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