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How Does Indole 3 Carbinol Powder Raises Testosterone Levels In Men?
- May 18, 2020 -

indole 3 carbinol powder

When it comes to testosterone, it is necessary to explain its role. The effect of testosterone on men is quite complicated, and its biochemical process has not been fully elucidated. 

However, testosterone may affect many body systems and functions, including blood production, calcium balance in the body, bone mineralization, lipid metabolism, sugar metabolism, and many men's functions.

Indole 3 Carbinol Powder_副本

To put it simply, for our fitness men, the main role:

1. Can improve our muscles and fat, make us stronger

2. Improve the brain and maintain the health of the heart.

3. Make men more powerful.

Cabbage contains a chemical substance called indole 3 carbinol powder which can resist the production of estrogen. 

According to a study by Rockefeller University, there are healthy male volunteers who ingest 500 mg of this substance every day for a week. 

The level has dropped by 50%, and as a result, their testosterone action becomes more efficient.

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