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How Does BHB Calcium Accelerate Fat Loss?
- Sep 14, 2020 -

When we are on a low-carb diet or intermittent fasting, the body will consume glucose first. When the glucose is not enough to supplement the energy required by the body, the liver will produce ketones. Compared with glucose, ketone bodies are called a more efficient body fuel because they produce more energy.

Burning ketone fuels can help you lose fat in two ways:

By increasing the burning capacity of fat and ketones.

By suppressing appetite.

BHB Ca-Union Pharmpro Co Ltd

When you suffer from ketosis, your ability to burn more ketones and fat will increase significantly, making you a fat-burning machine. In addition, you will also experience the effect of suppressing ketone appetite.

Although research has not found exactly why or how ketones reduce our appetite, we do know that increased ketone burning seems to reduce ghrelin levels (the hunger hormone).

When we combine these two weight loss effects of BHB Calcium, the resulting fuel will promote fat burning and at the same time prevent fat intake (by preventing excessive calorie consumption).

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