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How Do Ketogenic People Avoid Lightning And Carbon Water During Holidays?
- Sep 27, 2020 -

How to calculate explosive carbohydrates after ketosis?

During the ketogenic period, taking some Calcium BHB supplement for a long time, if one day suddenly consumes more than 50g of effective carbohydrates that the human body can absorb and utilize, it will even burst into carbohydrates! For ordinary people, the carbohydrate explosion may not cause excessive weight fluctuations, but if it is a ketogenic baby, it is likely that the weight will increase rapidly because of eating these few mouthfuls.

Keto diet- BHB Calcium-what not to eat_副本

After ketogenic people explode carbon, the body will make full use of these hard-won and easily absorbed sugars and quickly convert them into liver glycogen for storage. After a carbon explosion, the level of ketone bodies in the body will decrease, and the body will use glycogen instead. The original energy supply, so that body fat is not consumed. The sudden intake of a certain amount of carbohydrates that can be absorbed and utilized will cause the body to exit the state of ketone body energy supply, and weight will increase rapidly.

During the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, family members have a meal together, inevitably a large amount of carbon water will be mixed into the table, and if you are not careful, it will burst!

What to eat?

Eat good oil: Olive oil, linseed oil, lard, butter, coconut oil

Eat good meat: Fish, high-fat meat, eggs

Eat good dishes: All non-starchy vegetables, mushrooms

What not to eat?

No sugar: Sweets, carbonated drinks, high-sugar fruits. (Can't help but want to drink, zero sugar carbonated drinks can be prepared in advance)

No noodles: Steamed bread, bread, pastry, noodles

Don't eat rice: White rice (special high-fiber rice is edible), porridge, whole grains

Above, ketogenic babies should keep in mind.

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