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How 5 HTP Powder Is Related to the Success of Warren Buffett
- Jul 25, 2019 -

Buffett said: "If I take out my most important ten investments, my investment career is a joke," but if you don't have the patience, you can't wait for the most important ten investments, and it is these investments that make Buffett's success. Many times, only when we get results, we find that everything we have done before is prepared for this matter. But many people can't wait for this moment, because they have no patience, they will give up halfway, and the result is that nothing has been done. If you want to be successful, you must have some stamina and persistence.

How 5 HTP Powder Is Related to the Success of Warren Buffett

Studies have found that increasing the level of serotonin makes individuals more willing to wait longer to get a return. In other words, serotonin can make us more patient. Serotonin is the successor of 5 HTP which you can get from 5 HTP powder.

Researchers from Portugal designed an experiment in which they set some difficulty on the water intake point of the mouse. The mouse had to learn to endure some unsuccessful attempts to finally drink the water. Using techniques to stimulate the expression of serotonin-producing neurons in the mouse brain, when these neurons are stimulated to activate, they are willing to continue trying even if the mice do not have access to drinking water. In other words, activation of serotonin neurons can promote an individual's enthusiasm to persist rather than wait for abandonment. So, when you feel that your stamina is not enough or you can't do it, try increasing your serotonin levels. 

In order produce serotonin, your body will use 5 HTP as raw material. If you want to increase your serotonin levels, using 5 HTP powder may be a good choice.

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