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High Calories, High Fat, Are Nuts Good for Us? - Ⅰ
- Dec 18, 2019 -

On the way to fitness and weight loss, many people would recommend nuts as a very healthy food. But the high calorie and fat content of nuts make many people wonder if they are really good for weight loss.

But calories aren't the only criterion for judging whether it makes you fat. And fat is not the key factor that causes you to gain weight. What really quickly makes you gain weight is sugar and starch.

Sugar or starch stimulate insulin production. This promotes the storage of sugar in the blood in the form of fat and stimulates hunger in the body, resulting in continued eating more calories.

Fat is different. On the one hand, it will not affect insulin, and on the other hand, it will prolong the period of satiety. Such characteristics allow us not only to reduce the accumulation of fat when we consume fat, but also greatly reduce the probability of eating more.

High Calories, High Fat, Are Nuts Good for Us - Ⅰ

Some people may ask, what about the high calories in nuts. Although nuts seem to be very high in calories, but the calories we can absorb are far less. This is because part of the fat in the nut is contained in its fibers, and most of the fibers are excreted without being fully digested.

A 2012 U.S. Department of Agriculture study showed that those who eat almonds absorb about 32% less calories than those indicated on food nutrition labels.

In addition to helping to lose weight, eating nuts has also other benefits. In the next article, we will talk about them.

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