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Green Tea With Garlic – A Vintage Way to Cook Green Tea
- Jun 06, 2019 -

Green Tea has exited in human history for a long time. We have become accustomed to the modern way of drinking green tea. But in the long history of mankind, the people drank green tea in very different ways. Some of them may make us feel very strange today.

At first, the people in China ate green tea as snacks. They would chew the leaves of green tea directly into their mouths. Although it was a little bitter at first, but it will whet your appetite and eliminate your fatigue later.


After this period, the people began to cook green tea like a soup. In order to cover the bitter flavor of green tea, they would mix green tea with garlic, ginger, orange peel, mint, etc.  

But no matter how people use the green tea, one thing is acknowledged by the people in China since many thousands years ago, green tea is good for human body. The ancient people didn’t have the technologies to find out what are the active constituents.

The modern science has showed that the most important active constituents of green tea are polyphenol, l-theanine, alkylamine, phytochemical, tannin. 

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