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Green Tea Prevents Cavities
- Jul 01, 2019 -

Green tea can help you prevent cavities, it contains fluorine and l-theanine powder.

Caries, commonly known as cavities. It is a major common disease in the oral cavity and one of the most common diseases in humans. The World Health Organization has listed it as a three major human disease prevention and treatment with cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Green Tea Prevents Cavities

The following suggestions will help you protect your teeth:

1. Develop good oral hygiene habits.

It is important to brush your teeth in the morning and evening. It can reduce the accumulation and fermentation of food residues and reduce the formation of plaque.

2. Pay attention to adjusting your diet structure.

Reduce or control the sugar content of the diet, develop the habit of eating less snacks and sweets, especially before going to bed. You should eat more fiber-rich vegetables, fruits.

3. Regular oral examinations.

Pay attention to self-examination of the oral cavity. You should visit the dentist every six months to every one year. The earlier, the better.

4. Take anti-mite measures.

Fluoride can prevent dental caries. You can apply fluoride to the surface of the teeth, or drink more green tea. Green tea contains a lot of rich fluorine and l-theanine powder. 

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