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Green Tea Decrease the Risk of Stoke
- Jul 01, 2019 -

Green tea can lower the risk of a stroke. Green tea contains l-theanine powder, polyphenols, etc.

Stroke is one of the most important and deadly diseases in the world. The mortality rate of stroke also tends to increase with age.

Although stroke is a very dangerous disease, we can still reduce the incidence and even stay away from stroke through our own efforts:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

The beneficial nutrients in vegetables and fruits can prevent the accumulation of harmful substances in the blood.

2. Proper exercise

Exercise every day, but not too much.

3. Regular medical examination

Inspection is an effective means of preventing strokes.

Green Tea Decrease the Risk of Stoke

4. Stay optimistic

Among the various factors that induce blood pressure fluctuations, emotion is one of the most important ones. Therefore, we must try our best to maintain optimism and reduce troubles.

5. Quit alcohol

Both smoking and drinking can cause stress changes in the vascular state, triggering rapid heartbeat and blood pressure, and aggravating arteriosclerosis, which are risk factors for cerebral hemorrhage.

6. Drink green tea 

The people who drink green tea have a 21% lower risk of a stroke than those not. Green tea contains a lot of beneficial ingredients, such as green tea polyphenols, l-theanine powder, etc. 

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