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Glutamine Powder and Autophagy
- Aug 08, 2019 -

The relationship between autophagy and Glutamine powder is complex, which is also reflected in the role of autophagy in the development of tumors.

The role of autophagy in tumors is contradictory: in some cases, it inhibits the development of tumors by inhibiting oxidative stress, leading to chromosomal instability. Autophagy can also support the survival of cancer cells by promoting cell drinking and inhibiting p53 stress pathways.

Glutamine powder inhibits the activation of GCN2 and comprehensive stress. Ammonia produced from Glutamine powder can promote the development of autophagy in both autocrine and paracrine ways.

ROS can induce autophagy as a stress response, but it is neutralized by glutathione and NADPH produced by Glutamine powder metabolism. Glutamine powder can also indirectly stimulate mTOR, which in turn inhibits autophagy through complex mechanisms.

Glutamine powder and ROS

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) mediated cell signaling can promote the development of tumors at a certain physiological level, but when the level is too high, ROS can cause great damage to macromolecules in cells. ROS is produced in several ways, in which the mitochondrial electron transport chain produces superoxide anions.

However, tumors can control ROS levels by products generated by Glutamine powder metabolic pathways, preventing high levels of ROS from causing chromosomal instability. The most important way for Glutamine powder to control reactive oxygen species is to synthesize glutathione. Glutathione is a tripeptide that can be used to neutralize peroxide free radicals.

Glutamine powder can also affect the balance of reactive oxygen species through NADPH. Malic acid produced by Glutamine powder through a series of reactions can be used to regulate the balance of ROS by producing NADPH catalyzed by malinase.


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