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GABA Bulk Powder and Yogurt
- Aug 08, 2019 -

GABA bulk powder may help you feel relaxed. If you don’t like supplements, you can also choose foodlike yogurt. Yogurt can help people get more GABA from foods. Moreover, because it contains lactic acid bacteria, it can also bring you other benefits. 

The balance of the microbiota in the intestine is important for the health of the body, and the lactic acid bacteria can regulate the balance of the microecology and ensure the normal physiological state of the host. Lactic acid bacteria are often used in the intestines (alternative bacteria), which can change the environment in the intestine, inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria, and adjust the balance of the gastrointestinal flora. Lactobacillus can bind to intestinal mucosal cells through adhesin, colonize the surface of intestinal mucosa, and become a major component of the physiological barrier, thereby achieving the role of restoring host resistance, repairing intestinal flora barrier and curing intestinal diseases. If the barrier is destroyed by antibiotics or other factors, the soil loses the resistance of the foreign bacteria, which will cause the drug-resistant intestinal bacteria to proliferate abnormally and replace the position of the dominant bacteria, resulting in the imbalance of the micro-ecological balance in the intestinal tract.

GABA Bulk Powder and Yogurt

Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria can significantly activate the phagocytosis of macrophages on the one hand, and natural autoimmunization on the other hand because it can colonize the intestine. They can also stimulate peritoneal macrophages, induce interferon production, promote cell division, produce antibodies and promote cellular immunity, so they can enhance the body's non-specific and specific immune response and improve the body's disease resistance. When foreign bodies invade the body, the immune cells are activated by lactic acid bacteria, which enhances the body's effect on antibodies produced by foreign bodies.

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