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Function Of BCAA Bulk Powders In Brief
- Dec 04, 2020 -

Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are collectively referred to as BCAA bulk powders, which are specifically used to synthesize tissue proteins. BCAA can also be oxidized by skeletal muscle to provide energy. During long-term aerobic endurance exercise, the body maintains the BCAA pool by degrading muscle protein. Leucine in BCAA is the most important amino acid signal that stimulates protein synthesis and metabolism. It can increase the circulating levels of insulin and the ability of mammalian target proteins of rapamycin. Leucine can also inhibit protein breakdown.

BCAA bulk powder (2)

Functions of BCAA bulk powders:

● Promote protein synthesis after exercise

● Anti-muscle protein breakdown

● May relieve muscle damage caused by exercise

● Long-term aerobic endurance training suppresses central fatigue but does not improve aerobic endurance performance

Suggestion: If the price is favorable, it can be used as a beverage. The advantage is that it has low sugar content and can supplement BCAA.

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