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Four Tips To Improve Your Sleep To Make You Sleep Well All Night
- Jul 12, 2021 -

Good sleep is beneficial to people. The many aspects of good sleep health. It can liberate the body from the health of sleep, give various parts of the tissues and organs and the immune system a recovery time, in order to resist the impact of many people's possible sleep on the eyes. The rest of the brain depends on sleep. If there is a sleepy sleep or the quality of sleep is not high, the brain can rest well, and the optic nerve system on which the eyes and the eyes rely will also have a sleep rest. Eyes are used on babies. Soon after sleeping, the elderly may suffer from eye fatigue, and may also develop eye diseases such as dry eye, which may even lead to a decline in incurable diseases. A small number of people now go to bed late. The National Science Foundation's recommended sleep time for preschool children aged 3-5 is 10-13 years, and the recommended sleep time for school-age children 6-13 years is 9-11 hours. In order to protect the eyes, it is necessary to ensure hours of sleep. It can also be cured by sunbathing or closing your eyes to soothe the mind after working on your eyes.

The methodology is so important, what can we do to improve sleep?

Melatonin powder-1

① Do not play with mobile phones and electronic products before going to bed.

Most of the sleep of modern people is due to the absorption of humans and smart brains in mobile phones. The late sleep created by electronic screens affects sleep and may have evil intentions. Play with mobile phones before going to bed in moderation.

② Eat less and drink less before going to bed.

Eating and drinking before going to bed can cause water. You may feel sleepy and want to go to bed. If you continue to work, it may affect water. And eating and drinking before going to bed make it more accurate to get up in the middle of the night, which further reduces the quality of sleep.

③Melatonin powder is a defect of the brain pineal gland that causes natural sleep.

It has a circadian rhythm. It regulates people's natural sleep through the amount of circadian control, and sleep disorder improves sleep quality. However, melatonin powder can't be taken for a long time or in large doses, and you need to consult a doctor or pharmacist before using it.

④Need a good sleep environment with foam body and brain, and a physical and mental state suitable for sleep.

A dark sleep environment can also make you sleep more at ease, eliminate melatonin, and improve sleep quality. You can take a warm bath for a foot bath, do some relaxing stretching activities, listen to a song or ASMR, or put on comfortable safe eyes to help you sleep, creating a suitable sleeping environment, which can effectively improve sleep.

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