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Effect Of Ketogenic Diet On Body Weight- Ⅳ BHB SALTS POWDER
- Aug 19, 2019 -

This article reviews BHB SALTS POWDER effects on glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism, weight loss, and blood pressure reduction.

Today, talking about the third part effects on body weight reduction and reading time takes 5-8 minutes.

Weight loss BHB slats

▄ Short-term and medium-term effects

In a small sample size study, 17 obese men were randomized to two different high protein diet groups (low-carbo- ketogenic diet and normal carbohydrate non-ketogenic diet group), cross designed every 4 weeks and found KD Group weight loss.

Lighter and more obvious, this is related to KD's reduced hunger and lower food intake [16]. A study of 132 patients with severe obesity (mean BMI 43) showed that after 6 months, subjects on the low-carbohydrate diet were more likely to lose weight than those on other diets [17]. Studies have found that although the weight of mice from the first week of feeding KD began to decline, there was no significant change in body weight after baseline after 22 weeks.

▄ Long-term effectBHB Weight loss -1

A study of 80 weeks in mice showed that after KD, initial weight loss was achieved, but after 18 weeks, body weight returned to baseline and then gradually increased. 

These results prompted researchers to find more effective weight loss programs from Italy's 311Subjects continued their Mediterranean diet intervention and nutrition education after receiving very low carbohydrate KD interventions.

The duration of each phase was determined by the investigator based on weight loss and shows after 1 to 4 months(14 ± 10) kg, 52% of patients persisted until 12 months and their body weight remained stable.

Another study confirms that maintaining a long-term Mediterranean diet between two short term ketogenic diets can improve risk factors, weight loss, and no weight rebound.

The possible weight loss mechanisms of KD are as follows:

  • KD changes hormone levels that control appetites, such as ghrelin and leptin.

  • Protein and fat have a high satiety.

  • The effect of ketone body on appetite suppression.

  • BHB passes through the blood-brain barrier and acts as energy is an action signal.

  • Reduced lipogenesis and increased fat breakdown.

  • Reduce respiratory quotient, increase basal metabolic rate, and consume more fat.

  • Increase metabolic costs through gluconeogenesis and thermal effects of proteins.

  • Reduce plasma insulin levels.

  • KD has a positive effect on the mood of overweight people.

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