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Effect Of Ketogenic Diet On Blood Pressure- Ⅲ BHB SALTS POWDER
- Aug 16, 2019 -

This article reviews BHB SALTS POWDER effects on glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism, weight loss, and blood pressure reduction.

Today, talking about the third part effects on blood pressure reduction and reading time takes 2-3 minutes.

BHB salts

Clinical studies have shown that a long-term ketogenic diet (more than 12 months) can at least reduce diastolic blood pressure. This is due to weight loss and beta-hydroxybutyrate in the liver to reduce cholesterol synthesis and improve atherosclerosis.

Italian scholars used KD's study to find that systolic blood pressure was reduced, but only after 3 months, no change was observed after 1 year. In a three-month observation, patients with obese and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease who received low-carbohydrate KD reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Interestingly, the researchers found that systolic and diastolic blood pressures were significantly improved in the low-fat diet plus orlistat group after 48 weeks of KD intervention in the subjects.

Effects on weight loss to be expected for the fourth one.

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